Programs SHIFT offers a Long Program and a Short Program
to fit into your schedule and needs.

The Long Program

Associate of Arts in Intermedia (two years)

This program explores the intersections between design, communication, and learning in digital environments. Through fusion of new and emergent technologies, this program proves to be highly practical, but still promises to stretch the boundaries of creativity in visual communication and entrepreneurship.

Diploma Course in Graphic Arts and Web Design or in Digital Filmmaking and Post-Production (one year)

These courses are designed to fully equip a student with skills needed in visual communication in the areas of print, web, and digital film.

The Short Program

Certificate Course in Intermedia Studies

A student may take a custom- designed course that may include classes in Graphic Arts, Web Design, Digital Filmmaking, and/or Digital Post-production. This program can be finished in less than a year.

Single-Subject Classes

This is offered to students who are interested in taking only one or two classes at a time. The availability of subjects, however, may depend on the list of subjects offered by SHIFT on any given term. This is a non-diploma, non-certificate program.

Capsule Classes or Special Classes

These are classes offered on weekends and/or on special occasions, and may take the form of a workshop, seminar, or lecture. Participants of Capsule Classes are required to submit a course-end project to apply their learnings. Topics may also be credited as major or minor electives in SHIFT’s Long Programs. A Capsule Class may take from one to four weekends, at half- or whole-day durations. Special Classes are given to certain groups interested in learning from SHIFT, and may be custom-designed to meet their needs. These classes may be specially arranged in coordination with SHIFT, and may take a single day or two, with each lasting two to eight hours.

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